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Yoga | Meditation | Self Development
woman dancing in the sand at the beach with turquoise water and green hills behind her and blue sky above her



We are expansive beings. We can and should break out of our comfort zones, for that is where true self discovery begins. 

I'm Blazia, and I discovered yoga when I lived and worked in Manhattan. As we all moved and breathed in that heated room above New York one rainy day, I finally found peace and a deep connection to my own body, self confidence for possibly the first time ever, and above all, contentment. The yoga studio was the one place where I felt free - that it was enough for me to be as I am.


I knew I wanted to share this remarkable feeling with others, and so that's how I became a yoga and meditation teacher, and this space was created for all you curious souls.  I offer yoga classes and meditations alongside a well-being program to help you live your most authentic life and receive abundance.  This is a place to teach, to listen, and to transform.  Join me as I share my life stories and advice along the way. 


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Let's Collaborate

Have you ever wanted to work in the holistic health world, but aren't sure where to begin? Have you ever felt like there has to be more, a bigger purpose to what you do everyday?

Raise Your Vibration

Meditation allows for your soul to speak. Creating space within your mind gives way for the deepest parts of you to be uncovered. 

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What People Say

We had never done yoga before, and we did our first steps here. We did sessions of vinyasa with Blazia, and the experience couldn't be better. She made us feel so comfortable the whole time and made the class very easy to follow. Her sweet voice together with a great selection of music made us forget about everything else and really enjoy her classes. Thank you, Blazia!

- Eugenia Pujol

Blazia did an excellent job introducing me to yoga.  As the class progressed, she quickly described how to do the many poses and, as necessary, used a gentle and encouraging voice to correct improper positioning by class members.  Blazia's positive tone and obvious love of yoga made each session I attended an enjoyable experience.  I would strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to try yoga or has years of experience doing yoga.

- Mark Sommers



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