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Create Space: Hip Openers

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

In yoga, it is said that our hips store emotions and can be the most tense part of our body. We tend to store the overwhelming need to control our lives and suppress negative feelings into our hips creating tight areas in the IT band, hip flexors and low back. These pent-up emotions can cause more than just irritated thoughts or inflexibility. Over time they can show up as physical ailments and illnesses.

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Opening the hips releases these negative feelings allowing space for your well-being to form and new ideas to configure. When we let go physically and metaphorically of the control we attempt to grip on our lives, then we can allow for transformation within ourselves and in relationships with those around us. I believe the saying here is, "Go with the flow."

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The hips are the seat of our individuality, which is deeply embedded in our connectivity with others. Opening the hips gives us freedom within our body and in our own expression - creatively, physically, and spiritually. By ridding your body of these negative emotions, you are healing yourself and ultimately improving your overall well-being.

The following is a list of some of the yoga poses anyone can do to open the hips. At first it may be uncomfortable, but in the end you’ll feel lighter and possibly even transformed.

- Low lunges

- Spinal twists

- Warrior I and II

- Half pigeon

- Cow face pose

- Dragon pose

- Butterfly

- Easy pose

- Yogi squat

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