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Self Love vs. Self Care

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

As women our roles are meant to serve and to give. We are here to cater to others’ needs but that also means serving ourselves. Many refer to this as self love. Loving the self or anything of this world creates an attachment which leads to suffering and can be seen as negative and selfish- that your priorities are not in order because you love yourself. So let’s shift this to say self care. Caring and nurturing your own mind and body connection and understanding your emotional needs will allow you to serve others better and fulfill your greatest potential, your role as a giver. Self care is self respect. Respecting your emotional and physical connection, allows the intrinsic flow of healthy actions. Outflow determines inflow.

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And what you are receiving, you are worthy of. Many times in life we receive things we don’t believe we deserve, and so then we feel guilty for asking or wishing for more. But just know that your self worth isn’t tied to what you receive. It takes hard work to get to where you are. And many times, you are being provided exactly what you need. Take care of yourself and then notice all the blessings come rolling in.

Much love,


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