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The Practice of Letting Go

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

When it comes to emotions and feelings, there’s no way to prevent them from happening. But you can choose to breathe and release in order to find peace of mind. When it comes to tangible physical things, most of them have sentimental value and are attached to us emotionally. Those feelings are something we have to work through and let go of in order in order to remove the stuff we keep that no longer serves us.

And when it comes to people, this can be the hardest one. We have such an expectation of others and how we want those relationships to be. We hold on to moments and have an attachment to the feelings that arise when we think of those times. We always assume we’ll feel the same way towards someone. While love can be complex and comes in many forms, it’s good to assess how this person fits in your life. Priorities change and sometimes people do too. Once we find the courage to alter the situation and let go of someone, it can be frightening, sad, and even frustrating, in the end though, there’s a relief knowing you’ve done the right thing. Let go….

When something doesn’t go as we planned or expected, we tend to place fault on others. Looking for someone or something to blame for the reason. And majority of the time asking why or seeking that reason only leads to more heartbreak and disappointment. Instead, understand that this experience is here to help you grow and to open doors that weren’t in your line of sight. When something doesn't go as planned or expected, there is goodness to come… it just may be in ways you couldn’t comprehend.

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