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This Time in our Lives

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Times like this have brought so much fear and uncertainty on all of us. But instead of indulging in the mass hype and craziness, find a way to embrace solitude. Be grateful for this time to slow down and re-center. It may feel stressful at first, but this reset is needed for the world.

Take a moment to truly cherish your loved ones, appreciate where you are, and be grateful for your health. Let’s make the most of this unrest and get really clear! What’s not serving you anymore? What are your priorities for the rest of this year? How do you want to feel when we all come out of this?

And here are 6 tips to take full advantage of your time during quarantine:⠀

1. Take care of yourself - physically and mentally. Make time everyday to meditate or write three things you’re grateful.

2. Find ways to stay active and move! You can log into The Healthstyle Emporium from home and have fun with our yoga, Pilates classes or home workout guides.

3. Boost your immunity. Eat your fruits and vegetables and take your vitamins. If you don't have any, I can recommend some good ones.

4. Look for ways to help others. The world needs compassion and kindness now more than ever! This month we are raising funds and awareness for O.U.R. Rescue which frees women and children from human trafficking. The secret to living is giving.

5. Clean up. Tidying your house, inbox, or desk can help you feel calmer.

6. Be cautious of information overload! Schedule time to look at current events and set boundaries for when to log off.

While we navigate this crazy time together, check up on your loved ones and keep yourself grounded. Stay safe out there!



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