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You Are Worthy

The reason you haven’t achieved your dreams yet is because you don’t believe you deserve to...⠀

I’ve struggled with mindset and belief in my own capabilities. It’s not easy to change that voice - that inner mean girl - inside you. It takes work and practice. It means diving deep to where you don't want to go. It can be uncomfortable and even painful to realize where all this doubt in your worth even stems from.

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Your sense of value in who you are as a person has been ingrained in you from the first few years of life, which you don't remember, so it's now part of your unconscious. (Great! How do I change that?) Then when you do become self aware, society has put so much pressure and expectation that your sense of worth diminishes even more.

There’s lots of ups and downs and many techniques but I can say for me, it's been meditation and the support of women who honestly support, love, and appreciate me as I am. And when you’re able to release that personal uncertainty and doubt, life opens up and opportunities you could never imagine become available. But in order to find that release and truly let go of this perception, you're going to have to sit and be and overcome.

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This personal development isn't something anyone else can do for you. Sure, there ways to be guided and supported on this journey, but ultimately, it comes down to: How badly do you want to change? How much you want to understand that you are worthy? Because you are; you are incredible and capable and deserving.

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