Here's the truth on how I started working as a yoga teacher and then with my own business online. I became an accidental entrepreneur after I lost my job in New York City and bought a one way ticket to Bali. I loved traveling and finally had the time to do it. The obvious question is how do you make money while on the go? Well, that's exactly how this all came to be. 

Prior to my irrational decision to buy that one-way ticket, I was pursuing a career in advertising. As fun as it was, it didn't give me the time freedom I craved or the purpose I was searching for. I ultimately felt unfulfilled. 

I tossed around ideas of building a travel Instagram in the hopes of becoming a full time blogger, becoming a photographer, or doing affiliate marketing, but after many failed attempts and some deep research, I knew those weren't viable options for the rest of my life. 

So during my time abroad and while I was studying to be a yoga teacher, the opportunity to be part of this business fell into my lap. I had no idea how much it would change my life. I found my tribe, a higher purpose, and a second income. 

So I have to ask:

Are you ready for a change?

Are you open to new opportunities?

Are you willing to learn?

Are you ready to ditch those excuses and start living your dream life?

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- How to make an income online

- How to grow your IG following

- How to educate your audience in a genuine way

- How to step into the best version of yourself

- How to share your authentic realness 

+ more

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So What is This?

Babes in Business + The Healthstyle Emporium is a project geared towards the innovative entrepreneurs, the day dreamers, the traveling gypsies, professional women, moms and side hustlers who love holistic health! Those with a day job, those already in business trying to find their way, those who feel there is more to life than working 50 hour weeks for 50+ years and those who know they're worth more than that measly hourly rate they're getting - whoever you are - we're all striving & yearning for the same thing.

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