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woman doing yoga at the beach. downward dog in white sand with ocean behind her

Wednesday online 
5:45pm (Perth time) Slow Flow Yoga 
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 Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Live Yoga Schedule

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In-Person Events

WHERE: Hopetoun CRC Main Hall

WHEN: Coming soon...
COST: $30

WHAT TO EXPECT: A safe, grounded and practical space for women. Intention setting, meditation, movement, connection, and rituals.

WHAT TO BRING: Dress comfortably, come as you are. Please bring something to contribute to the mandala for the circle.
woman sitting at the beach meditating

Meditation is the gateway to an altered state of awareness. You gain access to your subconscious and inner vision.  You can amplify your potential to create positive and life affirming neuro-pathways in your brain, which translate seamlessly into your everyday living experience.

Join me for free sessions.

Meditate Online

woman in warrior 2 yoga post in the jungle

Vinyasa is a crafted sequence of poses in which you move from one to the next seamlessly, using your breath as guidance. Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga, this is a moving meditation.


Yin is a restorative and meditative class with long supported pose holds in a relaxed state that gently stretch and revitalize.

Online Practice

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