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Mountain Pose // Tadasana

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

(tah-DAHS-anna) tada = mountain

It’s just standing, right? Well, to do this fully and correctly, it’s way more than standing on your feet. Being mindful of HOW you stand can give you a deeper sense of connection to Mother Earth and help you feel grounded throughout your life. Tadasana is one of the foundational poses of yoga that is done in every Sun Salutation and the beginning for most standing poses. It’s the mother of yoga poses. You could start class in this position, and it’s possible you do this upwards of 15 times per one hour class. That’s quite a bit of standing!

How to:

Step 1 – Standing with your feet hip distance apart, have your second toes face the front of your mat. Spread your weight evenly between the four corners of your feet, beneath the ball of your foot and your heel. Spread your toes wide and lower them down one at a time.

Step 2 – Lift up on your knee caps to engage your legs. Then draw your belly in towards your spine and drop your tailbone towards the floor.

Step 3 – With straight arms and your hands down by your sides, spread those fingers wide and face your palms to the front. Now, drop your shoulder away from your ears by squeezing those shoulder blades together.

Step 4 – Imagine a string coming out of the crown of your head that pulls your spine long and straight. Take a deep breath.

Welcome to Tadasana! Now, take it a step further and close down your eyes. And if you're outside, let that sunshine pour down on you and work your light!

*To check if you’re standing straight and tall, try doing this with your heels and back up against the wall.


· Improves posture

· Strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles

· Firms abdomen and buttocks

· Relieves sciatica

· Reduces flat feet

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