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The Person I Always Wanted To Be

I am a work in progress. This life is meant for discovery - to reveal parts of myself and to show up authentic everyday. I’m not perfect at it, and it scares me a lot of times. And staying true to what’s right for me may mean disappointing others and breaking ties from the past. Although, I’m a people-pleaser and a peace-keeper by nature, I have realized over the years that living up to others’ expectations of you only leads to disappointment and the feeling of failure and inadequacy.

A few years ago, I left everything I knew to pursue something that I felt was missing. Coming to today, I now realize, I simply wasn’t being my whole true self. So maybe moving to the other side of the world was needed in order for me to just be me. Looking back, I can see that I’m finally becoming the person I always wanted to be. She was always there, but I suppressed her and made decisions along the way that were not always in the best interest of living a healthy, authentic life. Now, I can say that yoga changed most of my perspective about myself and my position in the world, but travel also opened my heart and formed me into who I'm becoming.

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Just know that as we all move through this life, we progress into who we truly are. Taking time everyday to connect to the inner self, the spirit, before looking outwards, is necessary to accept and love the way you are now, currently. Celebrate yourself as an individual and your ongoing journey of self discovery by appreciating where you are now and just how far you’ve come.

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